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A man I'd been dating for 9 months went into a "rage" at 3 months when he thought I was going to leave him. (Significant property damage and physical damage to me). After a separation from him we continued the relationship. The plan was to move to another state after we both sold our homes which would have pulled him away from his family and friends...but a change he vowed he wanted....although strongly resisting the places that I wanted to move to. 3 months ago we got into an argument. (He was trying to tell me how to run my new business I was planning in the new state). He hit me in the head with a plastic bottle (which he initially denied)...I backhanded him in the chest and reprimanded him. (he remembered that). I wasn't going to let him continue hitting no matter if it caused injury or not. He feared I might call the police but I did not. I just wanted him to stop. I slept in the other room. I came home the next day after work and the sheriffs dept. knocked on his door and served me with an order of protection. He told them I was hitting him and moved in without his knowledge. I got kicked out of his house and he has made no attempts to contact me. I was homeless. I'd moved in with him two weeks ago because my house was on the market in another state for sale. I had to quit my new job. The grief has been paralyzing. I loved him with all my heart. I knew he was jealous and rigid in attitude most of the time....I spent alot of effort reassuring him. I guess I thought that past relationships made him that way and that he deserved reassurance. How can I not feel rejected? We belonged to a tightly knit group and he told them all I was crazy and to not answer my calls. Noone ever did. He's now with someone month later...happy and idealizing her now. I know you can't diagnose someone without a professional...but I believe he has borderline personality disorder. He'd panic at the idea of me leaving...he fits the love/hate model towards people, he often has symptoms of outright paranoia....thinking someone is sabotaging him in some way. It's even harder because I know that if he does have BPD, he really does hate me, and I am nothing to him now. It's like I never existed to him. I have sought out spiritual counseling, crisis counseling, friends, journaling, writing the good bye letter you never send....but the pain is still there. Do you know what it's like to really love someone and then they just vaporize? And you know that if you call them they will see you as an enemy and show no remorse and no sympathy...but only blame....and who knows...probably a harassment report? I am moving out of state on my own next week....continuing with the plan I had before I ever met him....changed my phone number because I know that he will never be able to comfort me. It is the hardest thing to walk away with so much unsaid, and also so misunderstood by what I thought were my friends.....but I have a fear that he will make my life chaos if I make any attempts to contact him. I didn't deserve such mistreatment and rejection. It kills me that his life has not seemed to skip a beat. The grief is getting better...but..somedays its worse than ever. I just wish he would have said good bye to me, or at least called to see if I was safe. I refuse to blame it all on a psychological disorder. I do take it personally and I am pissed off that I have no recourse in which to comfort myself with him. I haven't once called him and he has not called me. I WILL NOT be treated as the annoying ex. He is the one that has destroyed us. I am alone to work out my grief with no help from that asshole. As my date to leave the state approaches (next week), my grief is getting worse. I know there will be no chance to ever see him, and since I changed my number he will never call me. I hope I am doing the right thing cause I know what a good person I was to him, and I did not deserve this punitive treatment. My only comfort, and I know this is a mean thing to say, is that because he refuses to take responsibility for his problems, he will only repeat the cycle with someone else. In other words, I only hope is life is not idyllic and perfect. I think that I can find someone who can love me unconditionally. My question: Can you offer any comfort to people who are suddenly dropped from the other person's life....when they know that contacting the person would only increase their emotional distress? How do you get rid of anger if you can't talk to the person? (Hitting objects, writing letters, screaming....vengeful thoughts....tried em' all....still angry....)



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