Review of "You'll See It When You Believe It"

By Wayne W. Dyer
Quill, 2001
Review by Lisa Perkins on Sep 27th 2002
You'll See It When You Believe It

"I feel as if I have gone through a gate which will not allow me to go back to the place where I used to live." So opens You'll See It When You Believe It by Wayne W. Dyer. Intrigued? I was and couldn't help but read on.

Dyer explains in this well-written book how we are the purveyors of our own destinies, if only we would believe. Interspersed with logic and honesty are Biblical quotes pertaining to individual passages in the chapters.

Chapters one and two deal with how transformation and thought will benefit the reader. Dyer states that with your internal transformation, "life will become a fascinating journey, filled with joy and awe." Chapter two explains why we resist change in our lives and how we can overcome this resistance and break out of our single-mindedness.

In chapter three, titled "Oneness," Dyer defines oneness as recognition of humanity as a "beautifully harmonious song..." He demonstrates how we fit into this oneness and that by seeing this we are beginning our journey into transformation. This chapter is filled with information. Dyer is very open about how he altered his life with the very exercises he suggests the reader tries.

In chapter four, Dyer talks about abundance. He tells how transcending your ideas and negative thoughts, you can have abundance in your life. Dyer also gives suggestions about bringing abundance into the reader’s life. Chapter five is about detachment, and how being able to detach yourself from certain things in life can make your life more fulfilling. Dyer also recommends ways you can apply detachment in your life.

Chapter six deals with synchronicity in life, and tells the easiest and most difficult connections in life. He also explains how our connections affect other people and their lives. As in other chapters, Dyer explains how to apply synchronicity in the reader’s life.

This final chapter is on forgiveness. Dyer explains the concept of forgiveness and how to rid yourself of blame, revenge, and judgment so that forgiveness is a large factor in your life.  Dyer explains that learning and using all of these thought processes will transform your life. At the end of each chapter, Dyer gives examples and suggests simple exercises using the principles learned in the reading.

Dyer has an easy style to read and You'll Believe It When You See It has inspired me to believe and transform my own life.


© 2002 Lisa Perkins


Lisa Perkins writes about herself:

I have been a contributing editor for for over a year in the topic History of the Oto Tribe. I became interested in the subject of mental health when my mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia. I live in Southwest Missouri with my husband and 4 children. I plan to go to college to become a teacher.


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