Review of "Bone"

By Marion Woodman
Penguin USA , 2000
Review by S. V. Swamy on Dec 22nd 2002

Bone by Marion Woodman is a very intense account of a woman's struggle with cancer and her survival. Being a psychoanalyst has helped the author to understand the working of her mind and the emotions much better. The conflict between intellect, logic etc. on one hand and emotion, faith etc. on the other has been chronicled very systematically. The message that comes through clearly is that logic and emotion need to be harmonized; not one or another.

The author has brought out the important difference between curing disease and healing. Healing is a holistic process. "If deeper healing is to happen, deeper surrender is necessary." Surrender results in getting rid of fear. So her statement "I could feel myself coming to center. By which I mean I could feel my ego surrendering to God/Sophia, surrendering to their love. I no longer feared forgetting words or gaps in concentration. No longer feared blathering empty words. No longer feared I might drop from loss of energy. No longer feared." makes good sense. Sophia is wisdom and love.

The last chapter where Marion gets up and dances much against the logical advice of her own intellect and that of Ross, her husband, giving in (surrendering) to Sophia's (her instinct) urge to get up and dance, is really amazing.

This book will help all thinking persons understand themselves and their struggles with major events like terminal illness much better. This book is certainly not 'light' reading. It requires considerable effort on the part of the reader to read, understand and appreciate. Thus it may have only limited appeal, but it will be read by those who need it.


© 2002 S. V. Swamy


S. V. Swamy, India.


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