Review of "My Brain Tumour Adventures"

By Sharon Dempsey and Gabbie Collins
Jessica Kingsley, 2003
Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D. on Mar 24th 2003
My Brain Tumour Adventures

My Brain Tumour Adventure is a picture book for children telling the story of a very young boy who is seriously ill.  We see him in the hospital before and after his operation to remove the tumor.  Next he undergoes chemotherapy, and so to avoid him losing his hair, his father takes him to a barber to get his head shaved.  But he starts feeling better and even when it is difficult, the boy imagines himself as on an adventure, and this makes it more bearable.  The book helps explain what goes on when small children have cancer, and it could be helpful for children if they have the disease or they have friends with it.


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Christian Perring, Ph.D., is Chair of the Philosophy Department at Dowling College, Long Island, and editor of Metapsychology Online Review. His main research is on philosophical issues in medicine, psychiatry and psychology.


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