Review of "Living with Schizophrenia"

By Monkey See Productions
Guilford Press, 2002
Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D. on May 14th 2003
Living with Schizophrenia

Living with Schizophrenia is a 39-minute video explaining what it is like to have schizophrenia and how people cope with it. Several people with the illness discuss their own experience, and an expert, Dr. Andy Campbell, also gives his own perspective. The people talk calmly and with plenty of assurance, having plenty of their own experience to draw on. The aim is to provide useful information to people suffering from schizophrenia and their families, and the video is impressive in managing to cover many issues concisely, while retaining depth and balance. The video was made in Australia, but the interviewees do not go into detail about medications or treatment options, and so what they say will apply equally to the USA. It's especially moving to hear people with schizophrenia talk lovingly with their relatives, and to see examples of how it is possible to live with the disease and still have a good life.


Note that this item is not currently available through It is available directly from the publisher, Guilford Press.


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Christian Perring, Ph.D., is Chair of the Philosophy Department at Dowling College, Long Island, and editor of Metapsychology Online Review. His main research is on philosophical issues in medicine, psychiatry and psychology.


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