Review of "Fat and Furious"

By Loree Taylor Jordan
Madison Publishing, 2003
Review by Courtney Young on May 14th 2004
Fat and Furious

Most diet books today seem to set forth one solution for people to lose weight.  It usually has its own catchy name, and strict guidelines to follow.  Many of these “diet” books seem to ignore the fact that everyone is different, and has varying dietary requirements in order to function at an optimal level.  In her book Fat and Furious, Loree Taylor Jordan addresses vastly different approaches to food and weight loss.  Inherent in her work is the knowledge that everyone is unique, and one’s ability to lose weight may have little to do with counting calories.  She discusses issues such as hormone imbalance, digestion and absorption, adequacy of trace minerals, toxicity, food allergies, metabolic type and blood type.  Jordan’s book seeks educate readers about the physiology of their bodies in an easy to comprehend way, that in turn explains the foundations to good health.

Did you know that having parasites can cause weight gain?  What about a tired, toxic liver sabotaging your body’s attempt to lose weight?  These are just some of the underlying causes of weight gain for some people that Ms. Jordan talks about.  Loree approaches weight loss in a refreshingly holistic way.  She talks about the emotional causes of overeating in great detail, seeking to help people from her own experiences.  There is a lot of useful information that people can use when talking to their physicians who may overlook certain symptoms.  Her all encompassing approach to health and not just weight loss sets her book apart from many diet books.  If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and don’t know why, this book can be a great tool.  In addition, doctors who want to be more informed in this area would certainly benefit from reading this book, and its included case studies.  


© 2004 Courtney Young


Courtney Young is currently working at Dowling College as an assistant in the Department of Visual Arts.  She is working towards a career in diet and nutrition.   


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