Review of "Awakening Self-Esteem"

By Christine Maguth Nezu and Arthur M. Nezu
New Harbinger Publications, 2004
Review by Dick C. on Apr 21st 2005
Awakening Self-Esteem

 The purpose and intent of this book is present the issues of self esteem or lack thereof as a clinical and practical avenue of life changing possibilities. The follow on to a full measure of self-esteem by most people is a spiritual or life changing awareness within their own lives. The book chronicles and maps this journey quite well.

Most addicted people that have been in some sort of 12 Step program will make these

Discoveries as an eventuality. Generally this will occur somewhere within the second or third stage recovery time frame. The recovering folks that make it to this point seem to be in firm position for the balance of their recovering lives. This seems to be driven by a full measure of self-esteem, (Lack of Self Doubt), and a full spiritual awareness.

This book is well written and gives positive direction to folks who have not been in a long-term recovery program. Perhaps leading near normal lives but feeling the emptiness that accompanies spiritual fulfillment.

Hardly any adult that has been raised by parents from the “Depression Era” has the satisfaction of a full measure of self-esteem. It just cannot be and did not happen. Thus

Adjunctive therapy is required to go back and claim the self-esteem issues that are missing. This book does an excellent job of providing the keys to that journey.

Many people who seek a spiritual fullness do not and will not embrace a “Bricks and Mortar” religion. Most are repulsed by those thoughts. This book does an excellent job of guiding an individual to spiritual fullness without the requirement of organized religion. You can if you wish have that, however, as accurately related in the book, it is not required. 

This reviewer has found spiritual fullness to be the most pleasant aspect of the total recovery process. The awareness that you have a daily and full contact with your choice of your higher power is forever rewarding and comfortable.

This reviewer recommends this book as a very good read for all persons. If you have your self-esteem and spiritual fullness this book will affirm to you what you already know.

If you are seeking this part of life’s most pleasant experience it will guide you to it.

Make no mistake. The work is yours to do. The book will tell you how to do it.

You have the rest of you life to achieve spiritual fullness. This is a very good beginning.


© 2005 Dick C



Dick C is a retired business executive. He is himself a recovering alcoholic with twenty years of continuous sobriety. During this time Dick C has spent much of his time in the process of helping others. At one time he was an elected Delegate in the recovery movement. He writes under a pen name to maintain his anonymity. This is a very important part of the overall recovery process. Dick C currently has three published books on the subject of recovery. They are written from the perspective of the addict as opposed to an observer.


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