Review of "Kripalu Yoga Dynamic DVD"

By William Swotes (Director)
Kripalu Yoga, 1998
Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D. on Nov 5th 2005
Kripalu Yoga Dynamic DVD

This Kripalu Yoga Dynamic DVD is a companion to the Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD.  It is a longer program of yoga, at about 85 minutes, and it goes through more positions that are more challenging.  The style of the production is very similar in the two DVDs, with 5 fit color-coordinated participants lit by variously colored spotlights.  If anything, this DVD is more atmospheric, and it looks like there might be some dry ice providing fog in the background.  The camera moves constantly, and we see the three women and two men from many different angles.  Stephen Cope guides you through the positions with a voice over, with a background of ambient music.  His voice is reassuring and calm, and he describes the positions well so even if you cannot see the screen, you know what to do.  He uses Indian phrases to describe some positions or breathing techniques occasionally, but if it possible to follow him even if they are unfamiliar to you. 

The pace of the flow is remarkably slow, and you may have difficulty going as slowly as directed, even for simple positions.  When it comes to the many deep stretches, you will undoubtedly notice how long you are asked to stay in them as you feel your muscles start to tremble or ache.  There is added danger that you will strain a muscle here, and if you are not a little sore the day after following this program, then you were not really pushing yourself.  You should certainly be comfortable with a wide range of yoga poses before you do this flow, and the Kripalu Yoga Gentle DVD is probably a good introduction to this one.  After you have done this Dynamic program several times, you should find it very rewarding.  As with the Gentle DVD, the flow ends with a "freestyle" section where you just follow your body's needs, allowing your body to direct you what to do in any movement you wish.  This takes some getting used to, but it becomes a welcome part of the exercise after a while. 

The flow is split into different sections on the DVD so you can easily select a particular part with the DVD control, and there's an extra promotional video for the Kripalu Center which seems very new-age.  This is an excellent yoga DVD for people looking for a demanding but accessible flow that does not rush. 





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