Review of "Sun Salutations"

By Shiva Rea
Sounds True, 2005
Review by Christian Perring on Feb 4th 2006
Sun Salutations

On this excellent yoga DVD, you can program your own exercise from a menu, and then play the whole program without having to go back to the DVD remote control.  Yoga expert Shiva Rea demonstrates sun salutations, and you can select from

·        initial meditation

·        classical sun salutations

·        surya namaska a & b

·        2 rhythmic vinyasas

·        4 dancing warriors

·        shavasana (rest)

If you did all of these, it would take about an hour.  The DVD also provides 5 possible pre-selected shorter programs of about 20 minutes each, presenting varying degrees of challenge.  The different flows involve forward folds, cobra or upward dog, downward dog, and a variety of warrior positions.  The more advanced dancing warrior flows are quite demanding and you may have some difficulty keeping up with Rea as she demonstrates them. 

As with Rea's other DVDs in this Sounds True series, she does them outside on a beach, in a stunning location.  The clouds in the background lit from behind by the sun near the horizon are breathtaking.  Rea's narration has been added after, and she does not speak while she demonstrates.  In the background is eastern flavored music, and for the more vigorous flows, it has a strong electronic beat.  The camerawork is strong and professional, and the editing from one different viewpoints helps to get clear on exactly how Rea is carrying out the flows.  It is important to view the DVD before attempting the exercises, but it is also helpful to view it after trying them a few times, to focus on some of the smaller details that are hard to see while actually following her instructions. 

Beginners may want to stick with the easier exercises until they are comfortable with the pace and stretches, and then they will be ready to move onto the more advanced flows.   These yoga flows should help you become more flexible and fit, and they have the potential to calm down your mind and feel more in tune with your body.  This is an impressive DVD that will appeal to many people who want to get the advantages of yoga practice.



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