Review of "Evamarie Pilipuf's Yoga Express DVD"

By Daniel Swiers (Director)
Tree of Fitness, 2005
Review by Christian Perring, Ph.D. on Feb 16th 2006
Evamarie Pilipuf's Yoga Express DVD

This yoga DVD contains four exercises, of four different durations: 10, 15, 20, and 25 minutes.  It is a low budget production, filmed in what looks like a large well-lit room of someone's house.  Evamarie demonstrates the yoga positions from a yellow yoga mat laid out on a dark hardwood floor in front of a large brick fireplace made with new bricks and decorated with old kettles and pans and large pots.  She speaks out loud telling the viewer what she is doing as she does it. There is "lite classical" music in the background of the soundtrack.  The production looks like it was done using two cameras, since the image tends to switch between two viewpoints.  Evamarie speaks confidently and pleasantly, giving helpful instructions. 

The workouts are relatively introductory, and proceed at a leisurely pace.  This is partly because Evamarie is busy explaining what she is doing and how to achieve the poses.  So it takes a little while for her to get through some of the poses, and on occasion you may find after having watched the workouts a few times that you are finished with a pose before she is.  Still, for most poses, keeping in them for a longer time is more beneficial, so this is not a problem.  She leads the viewer through breathing, forward bends, leg stretches, twists, balance poses, and other standard poses. 

In my review of another DVD by Pilipuf, I commented that some viewers may find her appearance a little distracting.  In this one, she wears more conventional workout clothing and the camera rarely gives a close up of her face, and only her long long hair that flows down from her head is distracting.  I found that I hardly noticed it after watching a couple of workouts.  Her dramatic facial expressions help to add emphasis to her words, and she seems very comfortable with herself here, in a context that is quite unusual.  Presumably she has had practice in leading many yoga classes. 

The main selling point for this DVD is that it provides four short workouts of varying lengths, which can be very useful when you want to get a little exercise at home but have not got time to go through a longer practice. 



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