Review of "Living Room Yoga DVD"

By Eva Barash
Razor Digital Entertainment, 2007
Review by Christian Perring on Dec 18th 2007
Living Room Yoga DVD

Eva Barash demonstrates her yoga in her Brooklyn living room.  It's a simple 50 minute workout, that's moderately energetic.  It would be good for people who have already taken some yoga classes, or people who are already fit and who want to try some yoga.  She does some salutations, warrior poses, triangles, locust poses, bridge poses, and yoga crunches, ending of course with relaxation.  The apartment is lit by natural light, and makes a pleasant environment for the workout.  Barash talks the viewer through the workout, wearing a microphone, and this works fine, although the sound quality is poor when she is lying on her front or bending forward.  There's bland new age music dubbed into the background. 

Added to the main workout is a "Library" of basic poses.  This is basically a 27 minute introductory workout in which she instructs a couple of students.  There is also a short interview with Barash about how she became a yoga instructor, and a twelve minute segment where she talks about how to get the most out of your living room, with a short workout that you can do in your street clothes.  This is actually the most distinctive part of the DVD, and may be useful to many people.

Barash gives clear direction and speaks in a clear voice.  She's got a natural enthusiasm and vitality, which makes the DVD fun and inspiring.  With the different parts to the DVD, it will be accessible to complete novices as well as people who have done some yoga previously.  The production quality is fine, and the DVD is easy to use.  On the whole, this is a nicely made package with workouts that could be very helpful to people wanting to improve their emotional and physical condition.

Link: Living Room Yoga home page

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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York.


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