Review of "Strong Body, Ageless Body"

By Erin O'Brien
Acacia, 2007
Review by Christian Perring on Jan 1st 2008
Strong Body, Ageless Body

Strong Body, Ageless Body is a fitness DVD that works on the whole body.  It is 43 minutes long, and just requires a couple of weights, and a mat is also helpful for when you are lying or kneeling.  The workout is quite high energy, but not too hard on the body.  Instructor Erin O'Brien is in a living room with sunlight coming in the window.  There's a patio visible through the windows, a piano behind her, and she has a wooden floor.  Her style is cheerful and enthusiastic.  She gives reasonably clear instructions, and demonstrates all the activities.  She also shows more demanding variations in a window that appears in the top right of the screen occasionally.  There's bland up-tempo music in the background.  The camerawork is smooth and the director occasionally shifts to a "grainy film" filter or uses black and white, probably with the aim of making the video more "edgy." Fortunately, these efforts are unobtrusive.  There are points where O'Brien's instructions go a little fast, or she is a little overenthusiastic -- I'm not sure I want the fitness instructor to say "give it to me," for example.  It would also be useful to have some more guidance about the use of weights -- how heavy, for example -- and whether you need to wear some kind of sports shoes or whether it is OK to do the workout barefooted.  But for people who are already familiar with doing workouts, they will be able to use their commonsense.  I enjoyed this DVD and found it helpful; it certainly made my muscles ache the next day after each time I used it.


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