Review of "Soups"

By Mollie Katzen
Ten Speed Press, 2007
Review by Christian Perring on Jan 21st 2008

Soups is a collection of vegetarian soup recipes, mostly from Mollie Katzen's well-known previous publications, The Moosewood Cookbook and The Enchanted Broccoli Forest. There are 43 hot soups and 7 chilled soups.  Katzen's recipes are reliably full of taste and hearty.  She uses plenty of garlic and chopped vegetables, with black bean soup, multi-vegetable soup, dilled vegetable-barley soup, creamy roasted root vegetable soup, squash and mushroom soup, and split pea soup.  She also has some more simple and smooth recipes, such as cream of asparagus with onion, milk, dill, and tarragon, miso soup, and cream of spinach soup.  Her recipes are generally easy to follow and can survive varying the ingredients or quantities.  Preparation time varies from about 20 minutes to an hour or so.  I started using Mollie Katzen's recipe books about 20 years ago, when I first became a vegetarian, and I really enjoyed many of her creations.  These days I tend to prefer cookbooks that give rather simpler cleaner tastes.  However, Soups does provide some wonderful meals, and it comes in a spiral-bound book that can be stood up on the counter viewing the whole recipe at one time, and this can be stored in a heavy card sleeve cover.  I'd recommend this book especially for people looking for flavorful healthy winter soups.


Link: Mollie Katzen Online


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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York.


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