Review of "Yoga in Bed"

By Edward Vilga (Director)
Goldhil Entertainment, 2006
Review by Christian Perring on Feb 5th 2008
Yoga in Bed

The Yoga in Bed DVD has two main sections: Morning Poses and Evening Poses.  There are some extras too: Lingering in Bed (~20 minutes) recommends some postures being held for several minutes: Child's Pose, lying back with pillows under your shoulders and knees, opening the knees, and forward bend.  There is also a set of questions about yoga with answers provided by Edward Vilga, taking about 6 minutes.  The Morning Poses section is 16 minutes long, and involves mainly stretching and twisting, from a lying or sitting position.  The stretches are not difficult, and are pleasant to do.  The Evening Poses section is shorter at 13 minutes, and involves more self-massaging and breathing, but also some twisting and stretching. The DVD looks like it is filmed in a real bedroom, and Christy Candler demonstrates the postures well.  She narrates the DVD in voice over, with electronic ambient music in the background.  The editing and sound is professionally done.  Doing yoga on a soft bed goes against traditional practice of using a yoga mat on a hard floor, and those who do yoga on a regular basis may find this an odd approach.  This DVD is best for people who are new to yoga and are mainly looking for ways to de-stress.  If they enjoy it, they may then decide to join a yoga class or use a more active yoga DVD.






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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York.


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