Review of "Yoga Quick Fixes"

By Ana Brett & Ravi Singh, 2007
Review by Christian Perring on Feb 26th 2008
Yoga Quick Fixes

Yoga Quick Fixes follows the familiar formula of Ana Brett and Ravi Singh.  For most of the Kundalini exercises, Brett sits on one of her trademark round bathmats, sometimes surrounded by colored circular shapes on the floor with a white background behind her, wearing her short shorts, tight top showing her belly button, and a headband.  There's cheerful Indian-sounding pop/dance/ambient music in the background.  Brett always wears a slightly flirtatious smile, which is sweet.  Brett and Singh give instructions alternately in voiceover.  It looks like many of the exercises may have been recycled from earlier DVDs.  But this DVD provides over 3 hours of workout options according to the DVD cover, although my computer indicated that the length of material on the DVD was 2 hours and 27 minutes.  You can play the whole DVD from start to finish, but that's probably too long for most people, and it isn't really organized to be viewed that way.  Rather, it is meant to be dipped into, and the menus has list of 11 problems that each mini-workout is meant to address.  They have catchy names such as "Positive PMS," "So Long Sciatica," "Maximize Memory," "Anxiety Antidote," and "On the Spot Addiction Alternative."  There is also a list of 5 Yoga Quick Sets, from 11 to 22 minutes long, with rather undescriptive titles such as "All Systems Go!" and "Balance and Joy."  There is also a set of "Power Surge Warm Ups" on the main menu. 

While one gets good value for money from this DVD, since it offers nearly 2.5 hours of workouts and breathing exercises, I didn't find it particularly easy to use, and there's no particular reason to think that most of the exercises have any helpful effect in solving the problems listed.  For example, the "Delete Depression" section involves doing the "breath of fire" and flexing one's spine for a couple of minutes, then moving up and down into frog pose for a minute, doing a forward bend, then camel pose with breath of fire for a minute or so (which is difficult), then some breathing exercises, abdominal exercises with breath of fire, and finally relaxation and a little chanting of "wha wha hay hay wha wha hay hay guru".  All this may help with flexibility and even with clarity of mind, as well as build up some strength, but there's no strong evidence it will clear up depression.  So this DVD will be mainly for those who are already firmly convinced of the value of Kundalini yoga as a way to solve their problems, or for fans of Ana Brett.


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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York.


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