Review of "Yoga Inside Out: Go Deeper"

By Paula Tursi, 2007
Review by Christian Perring on Mar 25th 2008
Yoga Inside Out: Go Deeper

This Yoga Inside Out: Go Deeper DVD follows on from the introductory The Healing Way DVD by Paula Tursi.  It has the same good production qualities, shot in the same studio with a wooden floor and green background.  Tursi is with 2 different students this time, this time both women, who are stronger and more flexible than the students on the first DVD, as is appropriate for this more advanced workout.  Tursi speaks with a pleasant voice in voiceover with gentle new age/electronic music in the background.  As with the first DVD, the workout starts with breathing exercises, then goes to sun salutations and standing flow.  It is a little more strenuous, doing more Chaturanga Dandasana yoga push ups, more lunges, proud warrior postures, triangle and revolved triangle poses, headstand, Crow, balancing poses with forward bends, and forward folds while sitting.  The two students demonstrate the modifications for postures that are difficult to do, often using yoga blocks.  The DVD ends with a resting period and meditation.  There's a five minute additional section showing how to practice and prepare for some of the more difficult postures.  They include Ardha Chandrasana, (which is balancing on one foot with the other leg horizontal), shoulder stands, and pigeon pose.  (I wish she had included Crow pose.)  The whole workout is 80 minutes long, and it is possible to skip the breathing exercise and relaxation parts if one just wants to.  It's a good DVD to use on a regular basis.


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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York


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