Review of "Living Room Yoga: Twist and Bend"

By Eva Barash
Razor Digital Entertainment, 2008
Review by Christian Perring on May 27th 2008
Living Room Yoga: Twist and Bend

Eva Barash's Living Room Yoga: Twist and Bend DVD builds on her Strengthen and Lengthen DVD.  Its main feature is a 45 minute workout, again shot in her Brooklyn living room.  It's a nice routine that would be fine for people new to yoga or anyone who is already familiar with yoga but wants a pleasant and energizing workout that will not leave them wiped out.  It includes a simple sun salutation series, triangle poses that stretch the hamstrings, and of course a variety of twisting postures.  The production qualities are good, although it can be hard to work out what Barash is saying when she is lying on her front and her mic, presumably clipped to her front, distorts her voice, but that isn't a significant problem.  The room has natural light coming in the window, and the camerawork and editing are smooth.

The DVD also contains a "Library" of postures, which is a 27 minute workout in which Barash guides two people, a man and a woman, through a series of postures: Mountain Pose, Downward Facing Dog, a Vinyasa, Full Wheel Pose, and a relaxation.  This is especially useful for people who have developed bad habits in their own practices and don't get personal attention from instructors in yoga classes. 

There is also a five minute interview with Barash, in which she talks about her training and her motivation in creating yoga routines for people's living rooms.  She is an appealing personality who brings charm and energy to her practice.  This Twist and Bend DVD will work well for people wanting a straightforward and enjoyable yoga workout. 

Link: Living Room Yoga

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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York.


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