Review of "The Perfect Exercise"

By Dawn Holst
CreateSpace, 2007
Review by Christian Perring on Jul 8th 2008
The Perfect Exercise

Perfect Exercise is a 45 minute DVD demonstrating 3 simple yoga sun salutations in 20 minutes.  It has a 5 minute introduction and another 20 minutes showing the use of blocks, offering modifications for those who want easier versions of the exercises, and it also has a brief extract from Holst's earlier DVD Introduction to Qi Yoga.  She is ina concrete park in the open air with Manhattan in the background and the Hudson River flowing by.  It is a nice day with blue skies, but it is rather windy, and the edges of her yoga mat blow around.  Holst gives her instructions in voice-over with light drumming and ambient sounds in the background.  Her instructions are clear and her voice is even and calm.  Occasionally a panel appears on the screen showing her demonstrating the practice from a different angle or with a modification.  The salutations are very much what you would get in a regular yoga class: plenty of forward bends, downward dogs, upward facing dogs, and lunges.  The production quality is adequate, although I found that the chapter skipping controls did not work well on the DVD, and I had to navigate through the main menu.  The picture quality could be better, and it would be helpful to have more close-ups for Holst to see how she positions her hands and feet.  This is a pleasant and useful DVD but there are many yoga DVDs out there with higher production qualities offering a greater selection of postures.  So this DVD is probably best for people who especially want Holst as their teacher or who are keen to have a view of Manhattan while doing their sun saluations.



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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York


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