Review of "30 Minute Ab & Butt Blaster"

By Keli Roberts
Razor Digital Entertainment, 2008
Review by Christian Perring on Feb 24th 2009
30 Minute Ab & Butt Blaster

Originally released as 30 Minute Breakthrough Lower Body and Core from 2007, this is a short workout led by Australian Keli Roberts.  She uses a mat, weights, and a medicine ball.  She keeps the pace busy.  There is a short warm up and a brief stretch at the end.  She does the workout with two helpers who do the same moves as her.  In the background is noisy electronic dance music; they are in a studio with  nothing covered up, which gives it a slightly industrial feel.  There are some moving abstract images back-projected onto screens, which adds to the experience.  (You can see a clip from the DVD on YouTube.)  There are also Bonus Features, including a 12 minute Bonus Blocks with some exercises, some using another tool, a long hard white cylinder, and also a "Behind the Scenes" short and "Bloopers."  If you have all the equipment and are looking for a lively workout that will work your core but will not hurt too much, this fits the bill.  My only reservation is that Roberts says nothing about how heavy the weights or the medicine ball should be, leaving the viewer to work it out for herself.  So it is mainly for people who are already quite practiced at doing fitness exercises at home.




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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York.


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