Review of "Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Power Hour with Sadie Nardini"

By Adam Sturm (Director)
Podcast Go Studios, 2008
Review by Christian Perring on Mar 10th 2009
Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga Power Hour with Sadie Nardini

This is an hour long yoga DVD in two parts.  The first part is mat work, and lasts about 38 minutes.  The second part is an inversion practice, so is done against a wall, lasting about 20 minutes.  It's performed in a New York City studio, with white walls and a large set of windows in the background.  You can tell it is New York because Nardini is dressed in black and she practices on a black mat.  There are two commentaries, one for beginners and the other for others.  Each has innocuous music in the background.  The mat practice is straightforward, and does not contain any elements that you wouldn't find is most other yoga DVDs: downward dogs, warrior poses, forward bends, plank, and so on.  However, she keeps the pace going and gives you a better workout than you get on most yoga DVDs, making it invigorating.  The inversion part is gentler, but the initial hand stands and wall-splits are quite challenging.  The rest of this part is more ordinary, with pigeon poses, forward bends, and bridges.  Although the production qualities are basic, they are fine, and this DVD is very appealing.  Not everyone will have the wall space to do the second part, but it worth trying if you can.  This is a nicely made DVD that will appeal to many yoga fans.




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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York.


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