Review of "Get Ripped & Chiseled"

By Jari Love
Razor Digital Entertainment, 2007
Review by Christian Perring on Mar 24th 2009
Get Ripped & Chiseled

This is a workout DVD using weights.  There are 15 sections on the main menu, and each lasts about 4 minutes.  They include lunges, squats, chest press, push ups, tricep dips, skull crushers, and hammer curls.  There's also a bonus section with some abdominal exercises -- lots of crunches -- and advice on food and nutrition.  Jari Love leads 3 other people in the workout: Gaylene, Judy, and Mike.  They have different strengths, so they use different weights, and at the start of each section that uses weights, we are told how much they are using (although sometimes if they are using 2 weights each, it isn't clear if the weight given is the total weight or that of each dumbbell).  Love is full of encouragement and energy, and she makes comments or asks you questions at the end of each set -- "How did you do?," "Super!," or "Great job!"  She does a little stretching at the end of each exercise.  Many of the exercises also use a Health Club Step, although it is possible to modify them so that you don't need the Step.  There's high energy electronic dance music all the way through the exercises, which is ok, although when at Love remarks "I love this song," it is hard to believe her.  It's a well-made DVD with good camera work and audio.  Love's manner is calm and her instructions are easy to follow. 


Link: Jari Love webpage


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