Review of "Strength & Spirit"

By Anita Barbero (Director)
Flat Iron Works, 2008
Review by Serife Tekin on May 5th 2009
Strength & Spirit

Lead by Anita White Barbero, a group exercise leader at Kripalu Yoga, Strength & Spirit is a 60 minute yoga workout with three segments: 20 minute warm-up; 30 minute cardio and strength; 10 minute yoga cool down. Combining basic yoga movements with cardio and strength training, Barbero's class meets different fitness needs, such as endurance, strength and flexibility. The workout also includes core work to strengthen the abdominals. You may need to invest in some dumbbells as Barbera utilizes light weights for toning. The sound of the African drums in the cardio portion is very uplifting and energizing.

Barbero's instructions are clear and easy to follow. Due to her emphasis on strong posture and breathing you feel very calm, relieved and at the same time energized after the workout. It is a useful DVD to have in one's library.

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Serife Tekin is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Philosophy, York University, Toronto



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