Review of "Yoga Emergency DVD: Full Leg Stretch"

By Kristen Eykel
Big K Productions, 2009
Review by Beth T. Cholette, Ph.D. on Nov 3rd 2009
Yoga Emergency DVD: Full Leg Stretch

Yoga Emergency -- The 12 Minute Workout is a five-part video collection offered by yoga instructor, wellness consultant, certified Reiki practitioner, and hypnotherapist Kristen Eykel.  Each DVD in this series follows the same format, providing an approximately 12-minute yoga practice focused on one particular area of the body, a relaxation centered on that same area (about 2 minutes of guided relaxation continuing with 8 minutes of nature sounds), and finally, a few short "stressbusters" designed to help you learn how to live without stress in your life.  In addition, the Special Features menu includes a brief (5 minutes) interview with Eykel in which she talks about the benefits of yoga, particular with regular practice.  One additional note:  during the workout portion, Eykel does not mirror-cue the yoga postures.

The Full Leg Stretch practice is 11 minutes long.  The workout begins standing, with Eykel running through a series of poses all on one side of the body before repeating that same series on the other side.  Although Eykel generally does not give names for the postures, she includes variations on pyramid pose, runner's lunge, kneeling lunge, kneeling hamstring stretch, and another pyramid variation to finish.  Next is a move in which the influence of Eykel's Kundalini teaching seems apparent:  she begins in a half squat and then comes to standing, continuing this dynamic pose for approximately one minute.  Eykel concludes the practice with toe stretches, ankle circles, and a final "sat nam."  There are two Stressbusters on this DVD, each about a minute long:  1) Pets for Stress, and 2) White Noise, which focus on the background sounds of nature in particular.

Overall, this Full Leg Stretch DVD offers the option of a short yoga practice providing thorough stretches for the lower body.  This routine is a bit more intense than the others in the Yoga Emergency series, and so it may be best-suited to those who already engage in physical exercise.  It would make a great routine to add-on after running, weight-lifting, or another exercise session.  Those who value other wellness approaches might also appreciate the bonus meditation and stress relief features on this DVD.  Finally, Eykel donates a portion of the proceeds from the sale of all of her DVDs to Conservation International, which may further appeal to some users.


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Beth Cholette, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who provides psychotherapy to college students


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