Review of "Yoga Journal: Yoga for Strength and Toning DVD"

By Stephanie Snyder
Bayview Entertainment, 2009
Review by Christian Perring on May 4th 2010
Yoga Journal: Yoga for Strength and Toning DVD

This nicely produced DVD has 3 sections:

1.    Flowing Vinyasa Practice (55 mins)

2.    Complete Core Practice (28 mins)

3.    Vinyasa Tutorial (5 mins)

Snyder is in a bare room with wooden floors and the walls are a vivid shade of green.  On one wall is a large window which looks strangely artificial, as if it were painted in.  Snyder gives instructions in voice over with clear intonation.  There is muted electronic music in the background.

For the vinyasa practice, Snyder and her companion Maria Villella demonstrate with postures, with Maria showing the variations for people who are less flexible or strong is a good workout going through the standard postures -- lots of upward and downward dogs, warrior poses, stretching poses, and some sitting poses and back poses.  The last 5 minutes are gentle relaxing poses. 

In the core practice, the room walls have turned blue.   Snyder works alone, and the pace is a little faster, with strengthening exercises that are more demanding than in the vinyasa, with plenty of movements to work on the abdomen muscles, with lots of floor work. 

Although this DVD lacks character, and the artificial room is somewhat offputting, it is very well thought out and will suit many people because the workouts are a good duration and they are easy to follow.  It is best for practiced yoga devotees and in shape yoga novices.



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Christian Perring, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York


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