Review of "5 Day Fit Yoga"

By Suzanne Deason and Rod Stryker
Gaiam, 2009
Review by Christian Perring on Jul 6th 2010
5 Day Fit Yoga

You have to look carefully the description of this DVD on the Gaiam website to work out what you are getting.  This 5 day practice is cobbled together from previously released yoga workouts. 

1) AM Peak Performance with Rod Stryker (27:30)

2) Stress Relief Yoga with Suzanne Deason (20:00)

3) PM Peak Performance with Rod Stryker (31:30)

4) AM Yoga for Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason (24:00)

5) PM Yoga for Weight Loss with Suzanne Deason (26:30)

All are very mild yoga sessions that will give you some good stretches but do not give any cardio exercise.  There is no particular order to the sequence, and there's no reference from one workout to another.  All are filmed on location in attractive places around Maui, and one is in Banff, Alberta, with bland new age music in the background and the instructor telling the viewer what to do in a voice-over.  They all use a yoga mat and a couple of the practices suggest using blocks, rolled up towels or bolsters.  There's plenty of relaxing and a little meditation.  This DVD may meet some users' needs, but it is very generic and seems mostly as an attempt to make profit off existing productions.  It will not be of much use to practiced yoga enthusiasts and I would not recommend it as an introduction to yoga either, since there are many other DVDs available that make much more effort to explain yoga to those wanting to start out.  The main factor in favor of the DVD is that background settings are very pretty, and this may be a consideration for some users.


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