Review of "Core Strength Pilates"

By Trudie Styler
Gaiam, 2009
Review by Alana Chandler on Oct 26th 2010
Core Strength Pilates

Though not for beginners to Pilates, this offered great results in a beautiful setting

This DVD was a good one and I especially enjoyed the ab work. I'll go over some positives and negatives and allow you to decide. 

...No mention here that although Trudie does appear in the DVD, it's actually taught by James D'Silver who the camera is primarily on and whom also does all instruction while Trudie has some camera time (I had to look to find his name for this review.) Poor guy did the whole DVD and instructtion apparently but I was certain before popping it in that Trudie was the instructor as she had the only billing. No matter, it's not a put down or a negative by any means whatsoever -- it's just a little amusing. 

The instructor actually doesn't instruct as you go, but as a voice over which works fine. His instructions were clear for me but my friend who was beginner got confused in some areas. I think you'd pick it up quickly doing it a few times. 

I enjoyed the DVD but it's very detailed on breathing instruction along with each move. Though I liked this, a friend who did the DVD with me did not. She said it drove her crazy hearing "breath in, breath out" about a million times within an hour. You decide how you feel about that. Some Pilates DVDs mention this more briefly or in varied ways. 


 Both of us REALLY loved the new moves we hadn't seen in other Pilates DVDs. There is originality here. Although I wouldn't deem it entirely Pilates, we liked combined some moves that aren't traditionally considered Pilates moves. Know this if you are looking for something with familiar moves and this would be an issue though...We liked it, you may not. We also really loved the ab moves and felt many overlooked muscles were reached overall with the moves chosen, that often aren't reached in other workouts. 

 I am quite flexible but my friend is not and she suggests that this may be more of an intermediate to advanced workout because of this. I agree. It does not give instruction for newbies of how to tailor the moves and change them to a beginner level if you are unable to do what they are doing. For example, where I might be able to bend and touch my toes, she could only reach her knees but was frustrated trying to figure out how to make it work at her own level without "copping out". Because this is billed for beginners as well, a little more verbal instruction of how they should do it, or another backup instructor simply doing the alternate moves may have helped. If you are a beginner already familiar with many alternate beginner Pilates modifications, however, I think you'd be able to figure much of it out. 


I wear a bodybugg to measure my daily caloric burn. I mention this only so you know what I say is based upon scientific measurement rather than perceived exertion. It allows me to compare calorie burn not only to other fitness DVDs, but to also see if one raises my caloric burn after the workout is over. While this offered a lower calorie burn during the workout, the muscle work, as I expected, did increase my burn after it was over resulting in an optimal "B plus" calorie burn for the DVD in comparison. 


The setting is a beautiful backyard with gorgeous view. 


Proceeds of the sale, according to the jacket, benefit the Ecuador Water Project by Unicef. 


Music is soft and slow and includes some music by Sting. (not rock music, soothing) 


Although the instructor had a soothing voice, it didn't offer the energy that some have to motivate my workout along with it. 


Though not for beginners in my personal opinion, the new moves you don't see in most Pilates DVDs kept up my interest. We loved the ab work, as well as the setting. The main thing? We got results. Felt soothing but I wouldn't use on days when I needed energy to keep me going. 


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