Review of "Family Yoga"

By Yoga Tiffany
YogaTiffany, 2011
Review by Christian Perring on Aug 16th 2011
Family Yoga

This is a 60 minute DVD with a series for younger children (7 and under) and older children (7 and older).  In the first series for younger children, Tiffany leads a few children with their parents in simple exercises which they all do in a group.  She uses fun names for postures and sequences, like "sun dance" and "happy cat, mad cat."  She makes it easy to follow and is not too worried about everyone getting the position right: what is important is that they participate and enjoy the experience.  It is nice to see the kids sometimes have a hard time with the poses since it shows that we don't need to be perfect, and that learning is a process.  The very young children wander around and get distracted, but they come back to the postures when they are ready.  The sequence for older children is a little more strenuous and serious, but it is still relaxed.  Both sequences have some stretching, some balancing, some breathing, and a little strength work.  They also both have sequences for children to do with each other, and for parents to do with children.  The production is basic but satisfactory: Tiffany speaks in the studio and her voice is easy to hear; it is a light airy room with pictures in the background.  There is cheerful mellow music in the background; some of it is sung.  Tiffany herself does not always look totally comfortable in her role as yoga video teacher, but she does fine; you won't notice her short moments of awkwardness much, and most of the time she is an excellent leader.  For parents looking for a yoga video for their family, this is a good one to start with. 


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