Review of "Fit Family Fun Circuit"

By Tonya Larson
Bridgestone, 2012
Review by Christian Perring on Sep 11th 2012
Fit Family Fun Circuit

This family exercise DVD has 3 main sections: cardio, strength and stretch, which come to a total of 22 minutes, so it is short.  There is another 5 minute section about using a jump rope for exercise, and there's a rather unnecessary 15 minute timer that is described as being for freestyle, but it is just a 15 minutes of a the seconds counting up.  It is shot in a studio with a wooden floor and screens at the back giving some impression of being a room.  The lighting is good and the sound is clear.  There are a couple of camera to vary the perspective.  In the background there's electronic dance music for the active sections and more mellow music for the relaxation. 

Instructor Tanya Larson leads your two sons, 6 and 4, her husband, and the 9-year-old daughter of a friend through the exercises.  The boys have some difficulty with some exercises and do it in their own way, and Larson interacts with them with encouragement, telling them to do their best, and what they are doing is good.  She has a nice attitude.  The DVD is released by a company which puts out many products with a Christian religious theme, and there are is a Bible reference in the Introduction, but apart from that there's no real religion involved. 

Everyone holds their own plastic ball about a foot in diameter for the exercises, and in the Introduction explains that any ball will do, so long as it is flexible.  The cardio section involves lots of fast marching which is more like running on the spot, and it will help to raise people's heartbeat.  There are various exercises mixed in with the marching.  The strength section is slower, and involves some core strengthening exercises and pushups.  The short stretching section does a few stretches, but is definitely not challenging. 

The DVD menu is easy to use, and it is possible to repeat sections to make the workout longer. 

So this family fitness DVD does not provide a lot of resources, but is a good starting point for people with children who want to be doing something that will help with fitness and flexibility. 





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