Review of "Bedroom Body: Booty Burner, Core & Pelvic Floor Workout"

By Angie Miller
Bayview Entertainment, 2012
Review by Beth T. Cholette, Ph.D. on Dec 18th 2012
Bedroom Body: Booty Burner, Core & Pelvic Floor Workout

In her Introduction to Bedroom Body, instructor Angie Miller explains that having a bedroom body means finding your own definition of "sexy, healthy, and happy."  She also notes that this DVD is the first in what will be a bedroom body series, and she introduces the two background exercisers, Tania and Terrie.  Miller explains that she and Terrie will be using heavier weights (10 and 8 lbs.), while Tania will show modifications for some of the exercises.  In addition to the weights, they use a mat for the floorwork.

On the case, this DVD is billed has having "3 Targeted Workouts":  Buff Body Blast, Booty Burner, and Core & Pelvic Floor.  However, there are actually a total of FIVE premixes; plus, you can do the workout in its entirety (approximately 60 minutes) OR choose individual sets, making this DVD extremely versatile. 

The Main Menu offers the following options:  Play All -- Pre Mixes -- Into -- Warm Up -- Set One -- Set Two -- Set Three -- Set Four -- Set Five -- Booty Burner -- Core -- Stretch.  I have broken down each segment in detail below.  (Notes:  None of the Premix options contain either the Warm-Up or the Stretch.  Also, the "Buff Body Blast" workout mentioned on the DVD case simply refers to Sets 1-5.)

WARM-UP (5 minutes)

Miller leads basic moves such as marches, step-touches, hamstring curls, and knee-ups.  She concludes the warm-up with some dynamic stretching.

SET 1 (<5 minutes)

Here Miller uses her heavier weights and starts with a rear lunge.  She builds on this move, adding in an overhead press, bicep curl, and row, plus tempo variations as well.  To work on balance, Miller performs a step back (i.e., shallow curtsey lunge) and comes into a knee lift.

SET 2 (6.5 minutes)

This segment involves weaving the dumbbell around and through the legs, first in a squat position, then standing, moving under alternating knees in a Figure 8.  Next, Miller performs a deadlift/row combination, adding a press.  Finally, she repeats the Figure 8 in a wide-legged position.  (Note:  these moves can also be performed with a kettlebell.)

SET 3 (7.5 minutes)

This arms-focused set begins with a hammer curl, moves into a scapular rotation, and then transitions to a side biceps curl.  Miller follows this with several combination exercises, including a side/diagonal lunge with row and a triceps overhead press with knee balance.

SET 4 (<4 minutes)

Miller notes that this set is quick, yet intense.  She again focuses on balance by starting with a deadlift but then adding in a knee raise, a back lunge, and pulses; balance is made even trickier because she keeps alternating from side-to-side.

SET 5 (5 minutes)

In this last set, Miller performs kettlebell-like moves such as a wide upward row (similar to a high pull), clean and press, and windmill.  She concludes with a few pliés.

BOOTY BURNER (10 minutes)

For the first half of this segment, Miller and company lie on their backs for pelvic tilts and bridge variations, including one-legged versions of the latter.  For the second part, they switch to an all-fours position.  Miller and Terrie use a weight behind one knee for various bent leg lifts, including crossover lifts and tempo changes.

CORE (12 minutes)

Miller begins the core work seated with the feet in a "clamshell" position (sort of an elevated butterfly) for small lifts.  She then performs several variations of push-ups, including traditional, spider push-ups, and elbow plank holds.  Coming into an upward crab position, she touches opposite hand to opposite foot, adding in a hip raise.  Moving onto her side for oblique work, she starts with reaches and then returns the legs to the clamshell position for leg lifts.  This section ends with a short series of "hovers":  coming down to the bottom of a push-up position, touching the nose to the ground and holding, then lifting back up again.  This was my least-favorite segment on the DVD, both because I felt the work more in my hip flexors than my abdominals and because I felt that the difficulty level was significantly higher than the rest of the workout.

STRETCH (5.5 minutes)

Miller starts the stretch kneeling for a timed hip flexor stretch, moving into a hamstring stretch.  She walks forward into a standing forward bend, adding in a few variations here, including a twist.  Coming to standing, she concludes with some simple side, shoulder, and neck stretches.

The Premix Submenu lists the following workout options:


*Sets 1 & 4


*Sets 3, 4, 5


*Sets 1, 3, 5


*Sets 2, 4, 5, & Core


*Booty Burner & Core

Overall, this is a well-done exercise DVD, with one of the main selling points being its versatility.  Furthermore, instructor Angie Miller is encouraging and does inspire confidence as she expertly leads the workout.  The routines included here are challenging, and thus I would recommend this DVD mainly for experienced exercisers, ideally for those at an advanced beginner/low intermediate level or beyond.


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Beth Cholette, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who provides psychotherapy to college students.


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