Review of "Yoga for Strength & Energy"

By Canyon Ranch
Acacia, 2012
Review by Christian Perring on Apr 16th 2013
Yoga for Strength & Energy

These two workouts are filmed outdoors in scrubby desert with a giant cactus on one side and mountains in the background.  The skies are blue and the sun casts strong shadows.  The Canyon Ranch instructor (Evette Shuk) gives clear explanations of what you need to do.  The sound quality is good and she is easy to hear.  The colors looked a bit washed out on my television but were fine on my computer monitor.  The camera work shows her well, and the camera position gradually changes so that is shows her from different angles.  In the background there is mild music playing. 

After a short introduction, the first 21-minute workout is pretty gentle, with twists and stretches that will feel pleasant.  The second 24-minute workout is a little more demanding, involving warrior poses, lunges, three-pointed downward dogs, and some deep stretches (especially the Lizard Pose, with a deep lunch and the forearms on the ground next to your foot).  The instructor gives some tips for doing easier versions of some of them, does mention using blocks but does not demonstrate it.  Beginners could do this but they will definitely want to watch the video through once before starting.  There is an 11 minute cool down section and then a studio demonstration of more gentle stretching while seated on a mat.  There is also a set of bonus features, on eating for energy, sleeping for energy and health lifestyle changes.  The second two are perfunctory, short and providing rather obvious tips, but the first section on eating is 13 minutes long and has some more helpful suggestions.

So this yoga DVD has some virtues.  It is well produced and would be beneficial to someone wanting a short practice that does not challenge them too much. 


Link: Acacia Video


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