Review of "10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training"

By Lisa Kinder
Anchor Bay, 2013
Review by Beth T. Cholette, Ph.D. on Oct 1st 2013
10 Minute Solution: High Intensity Interval Training

10 Minute Solution is a successful DVD series offering time-efficient workouts in a user-friendly format.  All of the videos in this series feature a total of five fitness routines—each only ten minutes in length—which are offered on a completely programmable DVD, providing a totally customizable workout experience.  For this newest offering, "High Intensity Interval Training" (HIIT), the series has taken advantage of some of the latest fitness research showing that subjects increased calorie burn when exercising for 20 seconds of major effort followed by 10 seconds of rest, repeated for several cycles (also known as Tabata).

In this DVD, certified fitness instructor Lisa Kinder utilizes the HIIT style of training:  each of the five workouts offers just eight moves, with Kinder performing the exercise for 20 seconds, resting for 10 seconds, repeating the move a second time, resting again, and then continuing on to the next exercise.  Not only is this program "high intensity," but many of the moves are high impact as well.  In addition, there are numerous plank-based exercises throughout the workouts.  For most exercises, Kinder shows lower intensity modifications.

HIIT 101

In this first workout, Kinder introduces a range of HIIT moves, with a significant amount of going from standing to down to the floor.  The eight exercises here are as follows:  1) lateral hops, 2) frog jumps, 3) low skier plank, 4) kicking crab, 5) bear crawls, 6) four corner hop, 7) jump over plank (hopping from side to side), 8) knee tuck (moving from kneeling to a jump).  Kinder concludes with a quick stretch.


Here Kinder warms up with some chest hugs (arm swings).  Many of the exercises in this section are floor-based plank moves.  This is the sequence:  1) walk out to push-up, 2) body pendulum (plank with leg swings), 3) triceps dip with alternating leg kicks, 4) tipping frogs, 5) walking plank, 6) down dog with calf slap, 7) travelling push-ups, 8) rotational plank.  I found that these moves were not sufficient to keep my heart rate elevated.


This segment contains more plyometric moves.  Kinder warms up briefly with jumping jacks and then goes into the following eight exercisers:  1)  high/low jogs, 2) double jump/shuffle, 3) single leg Burpee (performed twice), 4) single leg Burpee (second leg), 5) fast feet/knee tuck, 6) squat jack touch, 7) "suicide" shuffle touch, 8) donkey kick with "hot feet" (half handstand position).  Again, there are quick stretches to finish.


Kinder starts this routine with small squats for the warm-up.  She then moves into a lower body focused series that includes plyometric moves.  Here are the exercises:  1) skater jumps, 2) squat jumps with pendulum, 3) low lunge to hop (performed twice), 4) low lunge to hop (second leg), 5) alternating bridge kicks, 6) low single jacks, 7) squat with turbo kick, 8) side Burpee.  Kinder briefly stretches the hamstrings to finish.


To warm up, Kinder starts with torso rotations.  As with the upper body section, this segment includes many plank exercise on the floor—and, similar to the previous section, I had difficulties keeping my heart rate up with these moves.  The eight exercises are as follows:  1) high knee pull, 2) reptiles (plank with knee tuck), 3) reverse crunch, 4) ski abs (virtually the same as the "jump over plank" from the first workout), 5) hammer crunch, 6) plank rotations, 7) plank air tucks (dropping hips side to side), 8) plank punches.  Another brief stretch concludes the workout.

        I enjoy plyometric work and was looking forward to trying plyos within 10 Minute Solution's patented format.  Unfortunately, I found the routines on this DVD to be disappointing.  First, the small amount of plyo moves was well outweighed by the overwhelming number of plank-based exercises.  Not only did I find that my heart rate dropped significantly when executing the plank work, but also I simply did not like constantly going down to the floor and getting back up again.  (These moves would also make the workouts contraindicated for those with wrist issues and/or very low blood pressure.)  I did enjoy the HIIT EXPLOSION and ROCK BOTTOM HIIT routines; had the entire DVD been similar to these segments, I would have recommended it more highly. 

In the end, this DVD may hold appeal for young, healthy, experienced exercisers (i.e., those similar to the instructor) who are time-crunched yet still wanting to shake up their fitness routine.


© 2013 Beth Cholette

 Beth Cholette, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who provides psychotherapy to college students.


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