Review of "Beginning Yoga"

By Chrissy Carter
Gaiam Yoga, 2012
Review by Christian Perring on Oct 8th 2013
Beginning Yoga

This DVD has 3 practices for beginners, each roughly 20 minutes long, called Connect, Energize and Strengthen.  Chrissy Carter practices on a yoga mat outside by a swimming pool with the ocean in the background.  It is a pretty location.  It is easy to use the menu, although I found that when I watched it on a small TV screen, I could not properly see the writing on the menu.  It was much easier to see on a larger TV.  Carter narrates the straightforward instructions in voice-over, also including some of the Hindu names for poses along with the English versions, and there is very bland and mellow music in the background.  The pace of the exercise is slow and the poses are mostly easy, although some of the later ones could pose some challenges for people with who need to develop more strength and flexibility.  The practices include lying positions, hands and knees, kneeling, and standing positions.  The camerawork is very smooth and the audio quality is strong.  The direction is sensible, so it is easy to see Carter doing the pose when you need to, so you can see the positioning of both the hands and the feet.  This is a user-friendly DVD that will help those looking for a simple, non-technical explanation and demonstration of the basics yoga. 


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Christian Perring, Professor of Philosophy, Dowling College, New York


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