Review of "10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift"

By Christine Bullock
Anchor Bay, 2013
Review by Beth Cholette, Ph.D. on Nov 5th 2013
10 Minute Solution: Butt Lift

10 Minute Solution is a well-established DVD series offering time-efficient workouts in a user-friendly format.  All of the videos in this series deliver a total of five routines--each only ten minutes in length--which are offered on a completely programmable DVD, providing a customizable workout experience.  This newest release, "Butt Lift," also includes a sixth bonus segment for the abdominals. 

Butt Lift features Christine Bullock, a certified fitness instructor with experience in Pilates, yoga, and barre; she incorporates these methods into the different workouts on this DVD.  Other than supportive footwear (and an optional mat for floorwork), no equipment is required for these routines, which I have described in detail below.  Except where noted, Bullock performs five total exercises in each workout, doing each move for 45 seconds/2 sets.


This first segment is a toning workout designed to target the glutes and hamstrings from different angles and incorporating both floor and standing work.  The five moves are as follows:  1) around the world lunge, 2) kneeling (all fours) kicks, 3) frog (prone) lifts, 4) single leg bridge, and 5) lunge lifts (crescent pose into kicks).  Bullock ends with brief standing hamstring and glutes stretches.


During this cardio segment--which includes some higher impact moves--Bullock talks A LOT about things like fitting into your bikini and "skinny jeans."  She briefly performs "butt kicks" (jogging) as a warm-up and then moves into the following five exercises:  1) warrior lunge (touching the floor), 2) side step lunge (with side kick), 3) plank jacks (adding rear leg lift), 4) tap jacks, and 5) lunge kick.  A quick thigh stretch concludes this workout.


As the name suggests, this entire section--which also focuses on toning--is performed standing.  The exercises are performed all on one side first, and then Bullock repeats the sequence on the second side.  Many of the movements add a rotational element to also work the waist.  The exercises are as follows:  1) staggered squat twist, 2) Charlie's Angel lunge (with side rotation), 3) circle squat, 4) side lunge crunch, and 5) curtsey kicks (a standing split variation).  There is a quick stretch to finish this routine.


Bullock states that these are some of her favorite ballet and Pilates moves; this workout includes both standing and floor exercises.  The sequence is as follows:  1) side lunge crossover, 2) thigh fall (kneeling--similar to back dancing), 3) kneeling side kicks (from Pilates), 4) pretzel kick (actually a lift), and 5) single leg circle (standing).  Bullock concludes with quad and side stretches.


The format is a bit different for this segment, as there are eight total moves.  In the style of high intensity interval training, Bullock performs each move for 20 seconds followed by 10 seconds of rest (the rest period is always a held squat).  After the brief warm-up (jumping rope), here are the moves included in this section:  1) lateral plyo squat, 2) scissor jump lunge, 3) power plié, 4) round off lunge, 5) Burpee lunge, 6) side hop squat, 7) knee skips, and 8) cross country squat.  The workout concludes with a hamstring stretch and runner's lunge.


This bonus segment again returns to the doing two sets of five exercises for 45 seconds each.  The five included moves are as follows:  1) knee lift/oblique knee lift, 2) alternating passé plank, 3) teaser kick, 4) attitude crunch, and 5) "the stack up" (crunch with one foot resting on other, bringing knees in).  Between sets, Bullock performs a 10-second bridge, and she finishes the routine with a quick cobra and child's pose.

        With their younger instructors, newer fitness trends (e.g., HIIT training), and higher impact moves, the latest DVDs in the 10 Minute Solution series, including this one, seem aimed at a younger, fitter audience.  Throughout the routines in Butt Lift, instructor Christine Bullock offers modifications here and there, but not many, and she moves along at a brisk pace.  Experienced exercisers looking for something new and a bit different are likely to enjoy this DVD, but beginners (or anyone with limitations due to impact, flexibility, etc.) are apt to feel somewhat left behind.


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 Beth Cholette, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist who provides psychotherapy to college students.


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