Review of "Detox Yoga"

By Amy Schneider
New Shoot Pictures, 2016
Review by Christian Perring on Jan 31st 2017
Detox Yoga

This Detox Yoga DVD is well made, with 3 sessions, each about 20 minutes, that are all pretty simple, Schneider leads the sessions sitting outside on a deck. She gives instructions in a voice-over, and there is innocuous electronic music in the background. The theme is to detox the body and mind, and she takes this very literally. The idea that doing a twist is going to squeeze toxins out of one's internal organs, or will help one's digestive system seem completely unsupported by any science, so it's best to ignore those claims. The twists and flexing are probably good for the body and may have effects by enabling relaxing and strengthening muscles. The main problem with the practice is that Schneider gives no advice on adjustments for people who are less flexible than her -- even though most of the practice is fairly gentle it get strenuous at points. So that's a serious omission. That means this is appropriate only for experienced yoga practitioners who already know how to deal with issues of flexibility and accommodate them.


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