Review of "The Pilates Workout Journal"

By Mari Winsor
Perseus Books, 2001
Review by Kathryn Walker on Nov 6th 2001
The Pilates Workout Journal

The Pilates Workout Journal announcing itself an exercise diary and conditioning guide, opens with a motivational introduction. This introduction explains the history and basic principles of Pilates. Here in the introduction, the journal's author, Mari Winsor, describes how the journal can be used and why it is particularly useful as a compliment to the Pilates exercise method.

Pilates, Winsor, explains is a personal endeavor. Unlike in team sports where encouragement and a sense progress can be attained through group interaction, the Pilates practionner has to rely on his/her self. This is where the journal comes in. The Pilates Workout Journal is organized in terms of several categories --strength & flexibility, endurance, coordination & balance, challenges--, which are designed to help the Pilates practionner gauge his/her progress. In addition the 'mind & spirit' category, encourages the Pilates practionner to tap into the spiritual possibilities --a sense of calm, groundedness, relaxation, etc-- of Pilates.

New books often stand at the entrance to new projects. As a child and in college, each new school year was announced with new workbooks and new textbooks. New journals marked new stages in life, a new year or a new mind-space. And new projects often required new books: 'I will start my novel in this new book', or 'I will record my child's growth in this new journal' etc. The cracking of the new-book-spine can declare a new horizon of possibilities. The Pilates Workout Journal is just this kind of book. With its structured yet blank write-on-me spaces, it is a book that motivates a new project and opens-up new possibilities.

© 2001 Kathryn Walker

Kathryn Walker is a doctoral student in York University's Social and Political Thought program. Her work is focused on the relationship between moods, rationality and politics. Kathryn is also part of the j_spot editorial collective.

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